The exhausted future

Anelia Antova

With my work “The exhausted future”, I am reacting to the Kicsiny Balázss “Sweet Home”


The outfits and the photo are depicting the impact which we, the humankind made to the nature and how it is trying to trap us now. We are aware of the problems, but we are staying like frozen in the present, we are not acting to solve them. 


The clothes are created as part of my BA collection with custom prints, some upcycled pieces and the photo is taken by Gjorgji Despodov. 

Key words: nature, exhausted, conceptual fashion

Currently in the last semester of the FashionMA programme at National Academy of Art Sofia. 

I am creating clothes, objects, illustrations, visual stories. My work is eclectic, based on the fragile connection between my own fairy tales and the reality which we are occupying. My main inspirations are the environment, the space exploration and science.